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The question is what company conducts background checks specifically for caregivers?

California Attorney Explains the New CA Ammo Law and Ammo Background Checks

Surely the background check that is conducted for construction workers is not the same as the one used for caregivers. The threshold should be more stringent.

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Unfortunately, this is a question that most of us do not want to think about. Is that what you thought you were getting? There is only one background check that is considered the gold standard for babysitters and nannies in California, and that is the TrustLine background check. Private investigators and private background check companies do not have the clearance level required to access these fingerprint records.

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In addition TrustLine checks several other important databases that are explained further below. Keep in mind, the TrustLine process takes at least 2 weeks to return results. The reality is that a quality background check requires time and manpower.

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So if you stop to consider the alternative, are you really willing to take the risk? Half the counties in California, and not even the Child Abuse Index.

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The two weeks are worth the wait. Individuals registered on TrustLine have no disqualifying criminal convictions or substantiated child abuse reports in California and no disqualifying criminal convictions on the FBIs criminal history system. The only nanny background check that checks fingerprints is TrustLine. Transport Escort Services also are required by law to TrustLine register individual s that are transporting minors.

Businesses providing Ancillary Child Care Centers to customers or clients while the customers or clients shop or obtain services i.


Child care providers who are not required to be licensed in California baby-sitters, nannies, etc. Arrest Records : If an individual is facing trial or has been granted bail after an arrest, employers may ask about the details of these situations. However, employers are barred from inquiring into arrests that did not lead to formal charges and a conviction or led the individual to participate in a pre-trial program.

Employers are tasked with considering the circumstances of each conviction—facts such as the time passed since the conviction occurred. If an employer chooses to revoke an offer based on a background check, the applicant must be granted time to argue their case. This state law supersedes a patchwork of local and county-level ban the box laws previously in place around California.

Outside of these exceptions, employers may not require consent from applicants to conduct a credit check as a prerequisite for employment. Federal District:. Business Personal Resellers.

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