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We just published a new version with a huge boost in performances. Would be great to know your feedback about our service!

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How Does an IP Address Give Away Your Location?

Popularity Score: 2. Popularity Score: 1. How accurate is IP based geolocation? What are IP Geolocation databases used for? How does IP geolocation service providers collect data? IP geolocation databases are generally gathered based on the following: IP spidering--traceroutes and other automated methods designed to map the routing infrastructure of the Internet.

AppsFlyer periodically fetches the global IP addresses list from Digital Element, which is used to convert IP addresses of users into accurate Geo locations. Every entry in AppsFlyer raw data contains the following location-related fields, based on the IP address:. AppsFlyer's various pages and aggregated reports utilize the location data to segment geographically distributed cohorts of users. In some cases there may be differences in the derived location of users between AppsFlyer and other platforms, even if the other platform also uses Digital Element to resolve IP addresses.

Determining user location using the user IP address.

Geolocation Web API Tutorial - Personalize Visitor Experience With HTML5 & IP

Recommended for: Advertisers Agencies Ad Networks. Ziv Bass Spector Last update: October 31, Determining user location Each time a user performs an action that reaches AppsFlyer, that is an install or in-app event, AppsFlyer extracts the IP address of the user's device at the time of the action. Bulk Lookup. More information in the Docs.

Getting Started. We have very simple documentation here with examples in multiple languages and a number of language specific libraries contributed by the community.

Identify Geographical Location by IP Address

Signup for a Free API key here. The free tier allows requests a day or 45, requests a month.

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  • To lookup a specific ip address. API Latency : 44ms. Data Quality. Maxmind claim that their GeoIP2 web services have their most accurate data.

    Determining user location using the user IP address – Help Center

    Maxmind are one of the few data providers that collect their own data and distribute it in downloadable databases. Note that you can get the same data fields from other providers for a much lower cost per million with equal or lower accuracy. The GeoIP2 web service is served from 4 endpoints hosted by Softlayer in;. Maxmind use latency based routing to send your requests to the region they believe is closest to you so that your request are served with the lowest latency. This is probably not the most highly available setup. Maxmind have good documentation and have libraries for multiple languages.

    API Latency : ms.

    • Free IP Address Geolocation API - Find country, city, ISP with maifreezgentpoo.tk!
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    • The IPInfo. Each successive pricing tier comes with more data. This is the data provided on the free API. Their Company data looks like this;.


      The Carrier data looks like this;. IPInfo have 3 endpoints running on Google Cloud in;. You can read about IPInfo. Running dig on the ipinfo. Showing a highly available setup with loadbalancing. IPInfo also use latency based routing to serve your requests from the endpoint closest to you.

      Remember that each tier comes with additional data. They have custom pricing for volumes above 6M calls a month. The Documentation is mostly CLI examples. With a couple of links to language specific libraries here. Sign up for a free API key here. To get your own ip information.

      API Latency : 97ms.